Follow Raw Food Diet

What Is It and Why Should You Follow It?

According to many health professionals, a diet of raw foods is a natural, way to get back one’s health. For a person to be really healthy and eat foods free of pollution, environmental hazards and pesticides, they must eat live, uncooked foods and consume fresh fruits to get the mportant nutrients they contain.

The raw food diet is a vegetarian diet that made up of mostly raw, organic vegetables, fruits, seeds and nuts. Raw foods in their natural state and never allowed above 118 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Should You Eat Raw Foods?

Eating raw foods means getting all the nutrients – vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, phytonutrients, essential fats – the food has . When it’s raw the body can get everything it needs from the food you eat.

Doctors and other health professionals suggest eating nine servings of fruits and vegetables for the best health. However, the raw food diet goes much further by boosting the amount of healthy substances the body needs from the fresh produce.

What are some of the substances that your body gets when you give it fresh produce in raw form?

• Bioflavonoids – These occur naturally in plants, and include antioxidants, anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic and anti-aging properties.

• Phytonutrients – Are on the skins of vegetables and fruits. They are strong antioxidants that can stop or slow down damage from free radicals. Radicals can react to chemical substances that can cause disease and premature aging.

Why Not Cook Your Food?

According to an array of research, cooking your food to temperatures higher than 118 degrees Fahrenheit will :

• Destroy a significant amount of nutrients that are sensitive to the heat.

• Destroy fat’s nutritional value, as cooked fat often becomes loaded with free radicals and carcinogenic substances

• Changes protein into cellular-disrupting substances and boosts the aging process and chances for disease

• Leads to development of acrylamide, which tests show causes cancer and leads to toxic levels in both humans and animals. This is often seen in starchy foods like potatoes and grains.

The Advantages Of The Raw Food Diet?

People who decide to do a raw food diet notice the plethora of health benefits such as:

• Increase in energy levels and stamina.

• Naturally lose weight, going back to your ideal weigh.t

• Clearer skin, which can cause you to look younger.

• Rise in mental alertness.

• Improvement in digestion, helping you to become regular.

• Sleep needs decrease by one hour.

• You will not have colds and flu as much as other people.

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