Glen as a teenager

Dieting is not just about losing fat it’s about what you eat.

It’s about your eating habits. The question is ” Is your eating habits good or bad ” ?

If you have made bad choices, don’t worry about that, can be improved. If good, maybe You can make it better. By improving them even more. You can make Safe & Smart Diet Choices and Avoiding Common Diet Pitfalls and Mistakes.

It’s also about a Complete Guide To Eating Clean foods, Losing, And Maintaining Your Weight. It’s what you need to stay on track with your new lifestyle.

Knowledge is golden , knowledge is power , my dieting blog is dedicated to try to give you the knowledge and power to become a better you. To have a healthier lifestyle .

I have made every effort to not use anyone’s copyrighted content or pictures and if I have I apologize and let me know .

To Your Success,

Glen Goodrum

PS The picture is me when I was a teenager .