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About 100 years ago the first recorded heart attack took place, about same time refining foods and scientific livestock breeding began. One has to wonder if this the reason more people are overweight or obese.

If you’re think that the foods you are consuming are causing you health problems and you want to stay healthy, then the only way to stay healthy is to take control of the foods you eat. This means to start eating raw foods, which can help with weight loss and staying healthy .

Raw foods are loaded with nutrients that give you the chance to live a healthy life.

Living the raw food lifestyle isn’t one to be done on the spur of the moment. And, nobody expects people to get rid of all their food in the kitchen and hit vegetables only. If you’re going to follow a raw food diet, you need to make a slow change to your diet. You don’t want to shock your body into a change.

Start by consuming one raw meal a day for several weeks. Then, increase to two meals a day with one cooked meal . The cooked meal could be useful for social events like Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays , etc.

One raw meal should consist of a salad with leafy green vegetables. Remember that your meals need to be rich in nutrients, so your body has the power it needs to function all day.

You can’t get these nutrients from cooked or processed foods. If you notice cravings, go ahead and give in from time to time. A slice of chocolate cake is a lot better for you than a half or a whole cake. A minute amount of what you’re craving will satisfy your taste buds or you could learn alternative cooking .

Before you know it, those cravings will just disappear.

In the morning , the body goes through a cleaning cycle, that is why you should eat some fruit then. Consider an apple, banana or orange for breakfast with some freshly-squeezed juice or a rew smoothie . Go with just one kind of fruit for breakfast – apples one day, banana the next, kiwi another day, etc. Add in a handful of raw seeds or nuts for your protein. This makes a great breakfast.

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